Tours By André
Tours By André 

Looking forward to travel to Canada with you, Soon!

Your happiness is our main concern when you travel with ToursBy André.

        Andre'  LeBlanc

President / Tour Director

Dear Travelers and Friends,


The Canadian borders are finally open for travelers.   Finally we can now again explore Canada majestic mountain terrains, grandiose beauty and welcoming cities. Walk the charming streets of Old Quebec.


For an experience of a lifetime, Let's Climb aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train to travel across the Canadian Rockies. You will be enchanted by the scenery of the Canadian Rockies and the Glacier National Park.



But this is not all, just wait, to see all the new destinations by air, land and sea that we will be offering you.  Also, we can customize any tours that you have in mind, even if you dont see it on our new to come web site.

See you soon.

Low Prices, Fantastic Destinations, and Amazing Values for 2022.

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