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Welcome Groups Travelers.

Dream Big With Us in 2020

Join us for a lifetime experience !

You have been waiting for this, for a long time.

Our mission is to provide you, with the most complete planning & Gr oup Travel services, so that you can have the adventure of a lifetime that is exciting, and worry free.  

This is the time now,  to Dream Big, and Save Money by traveling in groups.

Amazing Destinations are calling you.

Noah's Ark  &  The Creation Museum  

Experience History in a Completely Unprecedented Way. 

A Genesis Journey of a Lifetime.  A Must See.

The Ark Encounter has taken the travel industry by storm, and you won’t want to miss out on one of northern Kentucky’s most impressive attractions. Since its grand opening in July 2016.

NBChurch groups. $25.00 per person will be giving back to your Church after traveling with us.    READ MORE

Let's Go Cruising

Experience Nature with The Best Cruise Line.

Alaska & The Yukon.

Create your great Land Adventure with Holland America Line, the Alaska experts.  With so much to explore, we've designed three distinct collections to help you customize your perfect Alaska experience.        

NBAll Departures to Seattle or Vancouver B.C. for  the cruises, are from the Salem Airport, with Deluxe Transportation. Overnight in Seattle or Vancouver BC.   READ MORE


Polar Bear Expedition

Experience Nature in a Completely Different Way. 

Classic Polar Bear Adventure!


Meet the "King of the Arctic!" Our flagship polar bear tour is an expertly guided small-group adventure to see the world's largest concentration of polar bears in their tundra habitat along Hudson Bay.    READ MORE

Canadian & American Escorted Tours Collection.

With Tours By André, and our many amazing partners in the Canadian travel industry, You will experience first class, exceptional services, and devoted attentions on every of our escorted tours, for groups.  We will cruise, to amazing sceneries in Alaska, with the best company in the cruise line industry.  And most importantly, you will be saving money on these canadiens tours.

EXPLORE SAN JUAN ISLAND                                             Explore a Bounty of Sea Adventures and Harbor Town Riches


Tap into the San Juan Islands culture and experience “island time” with a Seattle to San Juan Island whale watching and overnight getaway in Friday Harbor.  READ MORE

So Easy To Travel, When You Travel as a Group. 





Always there for you

Dont leave without it

  Traveling with ease

Let Us Help You!

You are a group leader, a senior center, a social group, a church group. You are a corporation or institution ?  You have a destination in mind! Allow me to be your private tour director.  Lets get together and work to make possible, at a very low cost, this special itinerary that you are looking for.


The perfect itinerary, key in hand.  READ MORE

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