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Alaska Airlines

Your happiness is our main concern when you fly with us.

Building a sustainable future

At Alaska Airlines, we’re all about the journey – to destinations around the world, and toward a more sustainable future. We fly to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, and every day we come home to the breathtaking Pacific Northwest.


We recognize that our business impacts our environment, and we’re committed to doing all we can to lessen our environmental footprint and make the world a better, more sustainable place for our people, our customers and our communities.


We strive to set ourselves apart by driving sustainable innovation and performance, and are committed to making choices that have a positive impact on our communities. For us, it’s just how we do business.


In 2013, we developed a 2020 sustainability strategy to focus our efforts on the most important sustainability challenges. Since then, we’ve reported openly on our goals, progress and challenges.


We’ve come a long way and are proud of our accomplishments to date. We are committed to paving the way for sustainability in the airline industry so that our customers may continue to explore our world’s most amazing destinations for generations to come.


For more on our progress over the last year, we invite you to read our 2015 highlights and learn more about our efforts to improve our environment, society and performance.


With Tours By André, the word VACATION means a lot.  It means that we are giving you our commitment to make your VACATION the best experience there is. From the beginning of booking your VACATION with us to the return home of your VACATION, we will be behind every steps of your VACATION.


Getting to our Top Destination, "San Diego"

One the most important reason behind our decision to offer you San Diego as our principal destination, was to find the best destination with the most attractions, in a safe and sunny environment, within a very short traveling time.


Traveling by air can be exhausting with one or more connections and this is the reason why we come back often from a vacation more tired than when we left home.


Imagine leaving Portland International Airport with an Alaska Airlines flight that is no longer than 2 hours and few minutes.  With the best service in the industry, as well as no connections and arriving at our destination ready for a late breakfast or early lunch.

Now, for me, that's the way to start a great VACATION!

Alaska Airlines

Your happiness is our main concern.

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