Tours By André
Tours By André 

The Ark Encounter.

A Tour of Biblical Proportion.  Your Day By Day Itinerary

A Tour of Biblical Proportion.

5 nights/6 days
Sunday-September 24 – Friday September 29, 2017 

                                 From $1,399.00  P/P      11 Meals      6  Days 5 Nights                              

                                                   NB: Rate is per person, land only.
                    P/P   Occupation           Double          Single          Triple          Quadruple                                                                           $1,399.00     $1,699.00   $1,299.00      $1,199.00

            Your Day By Day Itinerary                              


Day One  - Sunday September 29, 2017 (Travel day)

Shuttle from Salem Airport to Portland Airport.  Travel from Oregon via air to Greater Cincinnati Airport. N.B. Air is not included in the pricing shown above.
ETA: 8:00pm.
We will be responsible for our own luggage to be brought to the coach waiting for us.  Coach (Executive Charter) will be meeting us at the airport and will transfer us to our Hotel. (12 miles.)

9:00pm- Check in to host property – Holiday Inn Riverfront

N.B. Breakfast Buffet every morning during your stay..

Start the morning with a full hot breakfast buffet in restaurant area (vouchers will be in key cards) The full buffet will be with cooked to order with eggs as well as scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits/gravy or breakfast potato, sliced fruit, oatmeal with variety of spices, yogurt, variety of cereal, variety breakfast bars, muffins, Danish etc.

Buffet starts at 6.30am.

The Holiday Inn Riverfront

Upon arrival, we will be rewarded with the utmost in hospitality and personal comfort. This is a full service property. All rooms are recently renovated and offer refrigerator, microwave, coffee makers. The Property is on the outskirts of historic Main Strasse Village. If time allows sometime during your trip explore this area populated by Germans in the mid 19th century. Check out the shops, the Goose Girl Fountain and the Carroll Chimes, that displays the Pied Piper of Hamlin, on the hour.

Dining around the property (within walking distance) – Skyline Chili and White Castle (Both Cincinnati favorites), Waffle House, McDonalds and over two dozen restaurants at historic Main Strasse Village (2 blocks). Property offers Burgers and Crafts and Shakes and Fries. Gourmet burgers (eight different burgers) and shakes is their specialty but they also have salads, sliders, chili, flat breads (grilled chicken, Italian) pan fried chicken, Cole Slaw and more.

At the hotel, you will be invited to enjoy soups and light food items in a private area while luggage is being delivered to your rooms.

Day Two   – Monday September 25, 2017

(Full Breakfast and dinner included).

Our tour guide will meet us at our hotel and will be with us throughout the day, sharing history and highlights throughout their tour.

8:30am – Departure and travel 19 miles.


For your information.    

This signifies Walking Required for the tour.

Creation Museum
9:00am - We will have time to tour the Creation Museum at leisure. Be prepared to experience history in a completely unprecedented way. The state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings.


Adam and Eve live in the Garden ofEden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings. All shows are included with admission EXCEPT the Planetarium.

Walk through the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life, central to the garden, stretches out its branches, laden with ripened fruits. Come face-to-face with a sauropod, a dinosaur of incredible dimensions. His monstrous frame moves through the low-lying thicket as he grazes on plants. Introduce yourself to our chameleons. Walk through the Cave of Sorrows and see the horrific effects of the Fall of man. Sounds of a sin-ravaged world echo through the room. Finally, see the sacrificial Lamb on the cross, and the hope of redemption.
In addition to the Stargazer’s Planetarium (additional cost and NOT included in ticket price) and the dozens of informative videos throughout the Creation Museum, there are several more shows that you don’t want to miss at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


Six Days of Creation - Travel 6,000 years into the past to view the dawn of history. Enjoy a dramatic reading of Genesis chapter one as the first Six Days of Creation is illuminated in this panoramic theater. This brief but powerful presentation will move you to consider the wonder and diversity of God’s Creation.  Location: About midway through the Walkthrough Biblical History Run time: 4 minutes (plays on a continuous loop) The Special Effects Theater shows The Last Adam and Men in White at various times throughout the day. Location: In the Main Hall (included with general admission)

The Last Adam -. After Adam’s sin, mankind needed a Redeemer, the last Adam, Jesus Christ. Experience the glory of God’s redemptive plan, set in place before the beginning of time. Hear the gospel as Christ’s birth, death, resurrection, and ultimate return are shared in this clear and powerful presentation. Your visit to the Creation Museum is not complete without viewing The Last Adam.

Men in White - Meet Wendy. This intelligent young woman has heard the constant barrage of evolutionary ideas about the world, but the more she thinks, the more she sees that what she’s been taught doesn’t make sense. She ponders some of the most important questions of life: What is the truth about where we came from? Is there meaning? Is there really a God, or did this all just happen by chance? Suddenly, Gabe and Mike, two contemporary angels, “descend” to help her. Get ready to join Wendy, and experience the exciting truth of Genesis like never before! Prepare for some fun—and some surprises. Prepare to believe. Run time: 22 minutes (check your daily schedule and theater signs for show times)

Lunch is available at Noah’s Café- on your own. Have a sandwich and salad, or a snack and beverage. The intricately designed bamboo walls and ceilings create a tropical feel and restful atmosphere. A 27-foot mural pictures the Ark resting on the mountains of Ararat. For a dramatic view of the museum landscape, step onto the deck made of imported Epay wood. During warmer months, the Palm Pizza is also an option.. There are also beautiful gardens to stroll through as well as a Petting Zoo featuring a Zorse, and a Zonkey along with other animals including camels, sheep, goats, wallabys, alpacas and peacocks.
2:00pm - Departure.

4:00pm – Return to property for refreshing before evening cruise.

Manager hosts a reception (for all your guests) from 5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. that includes complimentary adult beverages, soft drinks, and hot and cold appetizers (generally things like meatballs, chicken tenders, etc.) 6:00 pm – Departure and travel approx. 5 miles.  Boarding Queen City Riverboats- Evening PRIVATE DINNER CRUISE with CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL MUSIC. Have you ever heard a song that moved you to the point where you wanted to tell all of your friends about it? Well, that's the type of feeling you may experience when listening to gospel music. By its very definition, the term gospel means 'good news.'

Enjoy a two hour cruise with a meal function and music that is sure to get your hands clapping and feet tapping!! Songs such as, “Put your Hand in the Hand,” “ How Great Thou Art”, “I Believe”, “You will never walk alone”, “Go tell it on the Mountain” and so many others. Full buffet dinner with two entrée’s. Dessert included. Cash bar available. Cruise offers climate controlled section and an outside viewing area.


Cruise is 6:30 - 8:30pm.  **Entertainment will be on the top level of the boat and guests can come and go as they please inside and outside. The top level does include approx. 12 wide stair to top level. Covered top, sides are open for viewing and picture taking.


Menu: Full buffet dinner including Fried Chicken. Beef Tips with White and Wild Rice, Mac & Cheese, Roasted Red Skin Potatoes, Tossed Salad w/assorted dressings, Rolls w/Butter, Coffee, Iced Tea, soft drinks and Cheesecakes for dessert. Cash bar available for additional fee.
8:45pm – Departure back to property. Bid good-bye to tour guide. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Day Three    – Tuesday – September 26, 2017

(Breakfast and dinner included).
8:30 am –Departure with tour guide for the Ark Encounter, 1 Ark Encounter Dr. Williamstown KY 41097. Allow 45 minutes to one hour for travel.


For your information.    

This signifies Walking Required for the tour.

9:30am – Arrival - After your bus enters the main entrance you will be greeted by a Guest Services Representative. That representative will provide access to the shuttle bus tram entry, board the bus, escort you to the 1 mile tram road, and to the Guest Services building/drop-off point at the Ark. Group check-in and Wheelchair($10.00) and scooter rental ($35.00) will be at that location. This procedure will enable your group to by pass the retail guests and will expedite your arrival at the Ark Encounter


The tour guide will return with the driver for parking in the main lot.  The driver will travel back to the ark by Ark Shuttle bus to meet up with the group.  Ample restrooms are available on each floor of the Ark. There is a Gift Shop below the Ark. The Ark does require A LOT of walking but there are benches available for resting. Elevators are available as well as gently sloping ramps to get from one floor to the next.

Photography: Guests are welcome to take home lasting memories by photographing and recording Ark Encounter exhibits. However, any photography of the video presentations is prohibited.  Ararat Ridge Zoo is outdoors behind the Ark Emzara’s Restaurant: 


Lunch on your own.  

There is a 1500 seat restaurant adjacent to the Ark with a buffet ONLY.  The buffet will change day to day, they are currently still playing with it and do not have a constant menu.  One constant they will always have is fried chicken, mashed potatoes and salad.  Some of the variations of foods offered has been sliders, hamburgers and pizza. The buffet includes a drink and a variety of desserts.  Lunch (10:30AM to 1:00PM)  Adult - $12.99, Senior - $10.99, 

There are also YURTS offering snack food items and beverages throughout the property.


THE full sized replica of Noah’s Ark is a massive wooden structure (the largest wooden timber structure IN THE WORLD) and is a full sized replica of Noah’s Ark (510 feet long and more than 50 feet tall-before the “fin” is added (four floors). The Ark includes hundreds of different displays, Noah’s study, living quarters, exhibits, cages, storage vessels, props recreations of how Noah and his family may have lived, animals and even an animatronics version of Noah that will answer questions. Offering the same quality of Universal Studio’s and a ONE - OF - A - KIND – IN - THE - WORLD.   The ARK offers a Petting zoo, and additional educational productions throughout. Be sure to take time to visit the vast gift shop. The climate controlled theater will be offering shows at varying times throughout the day. Your tour guide at the ARK will give you the schedule when you arrive. Theater will be offering animal shows and is included in your admission.
NOTE: Work will continue on other projects surrounding the ARK including a Walled City, The Tower of Babel, a first century Middle Eastern village and several other similar projects.  Allow at least 5 hours.

2:30pm  - Departure from the ARK
3:30pm – Return to property to refresh and relax and ENJOY an afternoon treat of Graeters Ice Cream bar at host property. See why this ice cream is sent all over the world and has appeared at many Hollywood events (by the way it is Oprah’s favorite).

6:00pm – Departure for casual dining experience 2 miles Dinner and show


The Washington Platform Restaurant

Erected more than 150 years ago, the three-story brick building that houses Washington Platform Saloon & Restaurant was orginally the Johan Armleder Wine & Lager Beer Saloon. The lively spot was frequented by people in the densely populated environs of the Miami-Erie Canal, 

which is now Central Parkway. German immigrants, in particular, flocked to it. Johan Armleder, an immigrant from Wurttemberg, Germany, operated the saloon until his death in 1872.

6:15pm - Dinner at Washington Platform Restaurant, which was opened in 1860 as the Johan Armleder Wine and Lager Beer Saloon. The influx of German immigrants to the area helped to establish the enterprise as a favorite gathering place near the Miami Erie Canal. Over time, the restaurant went through a myriad of owners and businesses - as a Chinese hand laundry, a produce shop and a boarding house - but was re-established in 1986 as a restaurant.  Dinner is a private buffet which includes:

An assortment of fresh crudités, cheeses, relish and dips. and Pie Assortment, Coffee, Tea and Sodas
Salads: Waldorf and Caesar Salad Entrees: Sliced Beef in Gravy, Sliced Turkey Breast Sides: SteamedVegetables,Baked Potatoes, 
Fresh Rolls and Butter, Cookie.

Following dining:
“Talk to the animals”  Bob Ford-Folklore and Fun
This lighthearted performance will be told in folk stories and songs from around the world. Sing-a-long with favorites like “The Unicorn ”, “All of Gods Critters got a place in the Choir”, “Down by the Riverside”, “Froggie went a courtin'”, Everything is Beautiful”, “Gonna Build a Mountain”, along with lesser known songs from world cultures. Instruments will include banjo, guitar, tin whistle and Indian flute. All will combine to create a fun-filled interactive performance.

8:00pm – Return to the property. Sleep tight

Day Four   - Wednesday September27, 2017

(Full breakfast and dinner included).
9:00am – Departure with tour guide for a long day of enjoyment in northern Cincinnati area.

Today we will head to Dayton Ohio with a stop along the way.  Guests will enjoy the commentary by their tour guide and history throughout the day.


For your information.    

This signifies Walking Required for the tour.

9:45am  - Enjoy a guided tour of BEAU VERRE STUDIOS located in a restored turn of the century building in the heart of Middletown, Ohio. Walk among period Arts & Crafts furniture, and take in all the beautiful glass creations from the BeauVerre - Riordan artisans and WATCH the masters at work creating stained glass windows. The visitors art gallery contains works from many area artists: including, Sculptures, Paintings & Jewelry. The gift shop offers a wide variety of unique selections. Guests will be welcomed with sweet treats and beverages.

11:30am  - Departure and travel to United States Air Force Museum

12:00am - Arrival to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The largest of its type in the world, this newly enlarged facility traces the history of flight from early ballooning to space travel. Included in its exhibits are U.S. and foreign military planes, space capsules, and early Presidential planes. The museum features more than 360 aerospace vehicles and missiles and thousands of artifacts amid more than 19 acres of indoor exhibit space there’s also an IMAX theater, cafeteria and large gift shop.

Lunch on own at the cafeteria.

There are actually FOUR buildings and the brand NEW building (the fourth) is one of the most exciting. Visitors can climb aboard the Space Shuttle Exhibit, walk through four presidential and three cargo aircraft, and try out the Air Force Museum Foundation’s new suite of simulator rides, including the Pulseworks’ Virtual Reality Transporter, the first of its kind in North America, featuring an exclusive Space Voyage experience. The 224,000 square foot fourth building, which opens to the public in summer of 2016, will house more than 70 aircraft, missiles and space vehicles in four new galleries – Space, Research & Development, Global Reach and Presidential.


The museum will display a 10th aircraft in its new Presidential Gallery. Guests will be able to see the C-20B VIP transport aircraft, which arrived at the museum last fall. Equipped with secure, worldwide communications, C-20Bs were assigned to the 89th Airlift Wing at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., and provided executive airlift to thousands of high-ranking government and Department of Defense officials for more than two decades. Capable of landing at smaller airfields, the C-20B provided an efficient way to transport smaller groups of very important people. During its long service, this aircraft carried President William J. Clinton and former Presidents James E. Carter, Gerald R. Ford and George H.W. Bush. It also carried presidential spouses, several secretaries of state and defense, foreign dignitaries and numerous high-ranking civilian officials and military personnel

Note: A current government-issued photo ID (i.e. state ID or driver's license) is required for citizens of the U.S. and U.S. territories over age 18. All foreign visitors must present an original passport (NEXUS cards and foreign enhanced driver's licenses are not authorized at this time). Those under age 18 must be escorted by an adult (one adult per two children); children are not required to produce identification when accompanying their parents.  For security reasons, all bags are subject to search, and backpacks, packages and large camera cases are not permitted within the galleries.

You will be on your own for exploration for the five hours.

5:00pm – Board coach and depart for the town of Lebanon Ohio with tour guide giving a brief city tour of the town.
Dating back almost 200 years, this historic town, used in the filming of the movies “Harper Valley PTA” and “Milk Money” and recently the Hallmark Christmas movie “The Christmas Spirit” with Nicolette Sheridan.  Charles Kuralt profiled Lebanon’s Golden Lamb (Ohio’s Oldest Inn) for a 1975 segment of “On The Road” ......If only a man could have lived long enough, he could have sat here in the front room of The Golden Lamb and – glancing up once in awhile – watched the whole history of Ohio pass by”.


6:00pm – Dinner at the Historic Golden Lamb
The Golden Lamb owes its early success due to location – halfway between Cincinnati and the National Road (now U.S. Route 40). The Golden Lamb has hosted a number of
historical figures, including 12 United States Presidents (from as far back as John Quincy Adams to as recent as George W. Bush), and today is still serving excellent cuisine to guests from all over the country.

Since 1803, this has been a community gathering place for neighbors, travelers, statesmen, presidents, families and friends. The legacy of the Golden Lamb runs deep - infused with a spirit of hospitality, accented by the flavors of history and framed by inspiring events. They proudly hold the distinction as one of America's most historical inns, and Ohio's oldest continually 9 operated business. Thye have captured the rich heritage of the nearby Shaker settlement, Wisdom's Paradise, in two museum rooms filled with period Shaker furniture and rare artifacts.  Dinner will include Golden Lamb’s signature salad, , beverage (coffee, tea or soft drink), homemade yeast rolls with dairy and apple butter plus Sister Lizzie’s Shaker Sugar Pie for dessert.  Entrée : CHOICE OF at time of service: Roast Turkey Breast (sage dressing and gravy and whipped potatoes Grilled Salmon with sea salt chips. Golden Lamb Beef Short rib with whipped potatoes.  Please note that Golden Lamb menu selections are subject to change.


You are free to wonder throughout the Golden Lamb and view any of the rooms that are not being used on the second and third floors as well as the gift shop in the lower level.
Return to property approx. 9:00pm

Day Five   – Thursday – September 28, 2017

(Full breakfast and farewell dinner included).

8:30am – Departure with tour guide for a tour of Greater Cincinnati throughout the day.

Start city tour - World famous travel guide Lonely Planet, which sells 6 million travel guides worldwide annually, named Cincinnati USA one of the top three U.S. travel destinations. Guests will enjoy the “Queen City” and learn about the Garden of Eden with a seven mile view, the historic areas and even where many movies have been filmed including Rain Main.

Enjoy a stop at the murals located on the riverfront, a stop at the Worlds Peace Bell and into downtown Cincinnati.

The 17 murals are beautifully created that reflect the history of the area. Well worth the look and you get stunning views of the Roebling bridge, Cincinnati downtown and the Ohio River. Your tour guide will share the history of each with guests.  The World Peace Bell was cast in Nantes, France, this 66,000 pound bell is the largest of its type in the world. In 1999, it was shipped to New Orleans, then barged up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to its current location, where it was rung for the first time at midnight on New Year’s Eve 1999.  Enjoy lunch on own and grab bag tour at Findlay Market

Tour guide will give each guest a gift bag, gift item location map, and vouchers. The map will highlight the four different shops or vendors. Guests will have voucher for those specific vendors and have the vendor initial and VOILA guests will receive a special gift of food items to place in their gift bag.

Enjoy an excursion at historic Findlay Market – Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions. The Market is located just blocks from downtown in Over-the-Rhine, a dense historic neighborhood rich in 19th century architecture. Open Tuesday through Sunday, Findlay Market is home year-around to about two dozen indoor merchants selling meat, fish, poultry, produce, flowers, cheese, deli, and ethnic foods. There is seating if anyone wants to sit and people watch.  Lunch on your own.

1:30pm Tour of the Basilica of the Assumption.
Tour the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption.  A scaled down replica of the Cathedral Notre Dame, in Paris. This recently refurbished architectural beauty features a gothic design with gargoyles and flying buttresses. Among its 82 stained glass windows, are a Rose window, larger than the one at Notre Dame, and the largest stained glass window in the world. This Basilica is one of only thirty one Basilica’s in the country, and is considered the most beautiful in the WORLD.

3:00pm – Let’s have some Fabulous Furs. Guests will love these fabulous “furs”. Used throughout the entertainment industry and thoroughly faux (fake), Fabulous-Furs have appeared on everything from Law & Order, CSI Las Vegas and Gossip Girl to the View, Today Show and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. That $100,000 “sable” jacket is much more fun at $199.  Guests will model coats that have been purchased by the likes of Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, Liza Minelli, Mary Tyler Moore, Tom Hanks and Loretta Swit - to mention some. There’s also “fur” throws, pet covers, and a host of other unique gifts. All guests will receive 10% off their purchases.  Continue on city tour after Fabulous Furs.
5:30pmDinner at the Hofbrauhaus
Dine at the Hofbrauhaus. Enjoy the German ambiance at the only official Hofbrauhaus outside of Germany. (The original is in Munich). See why it fits in so well with the atmosphere of the Cincinnati area’s German heritage. Atmosphere is very casual. Enjoy the accordion music and feel free to join in the festivities by learning the chicken dance. of service.

Menu: Deutschland Fare Dinner:  Includes refillable soft drink, tea, or coffee. Bavarian Pretzel and House Salad Choice of: One Entrée Schnitzel Wiener Art  Choice meal at time
Breaded Pork Cutlet, fried and served with Cranberry Sauce, German Potato Salad, and Fried Cabbage.
Hofbräuhaus Wurstplatte  Grilled Mettwurst, Bratwurst, and Frankfurter served with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes.  Heidelberger Rahm Spätzle Sautéed Spätzle and Chicken Breast with caramelized Onions and Field Mushrooms in a Marsala Cream Sauce.  Dunkel Bourbon Chicken  Grilled Chicken Breasts topped with Homemade Dunkel Bourbon Glaze. Served with Mashed Potatoes and Chef’s Vegetable Selection.  Dessert Wind Beutel- Bavarian Cream Puff with Chocolate Sauce.

7:30pm – Return to property. Bid farewell to your tour guide. Hugs are included!! (Gratuity is left up to the discretion of guests. There will be a least one day where you will have a different tour ambassador).

Day Six   – Friday September 29, 2017  Return home.


(Breakfast buffet included)
Morning departure for Greater Cincinnati airport.  Back to Portland Airport.

Schedule of the day to follow soon.  TBA

Flight Cincinnati (CVG) 
3:32pm  Fri, Sep 29    Chicago-O'Hare (ORD) 4:00pm  Fri, Sep 29
Chicago-O'Hare (ORD) 5:15pm  Fri, Sep 29    Portland, OR (PDX) 7:40pm  Fri, Sep 29


Included in this tour.

Shuttle from Salem Airport to Portland Airport.   Motorcoach transportation during the length of the full tour, driver tip included.  Five nights accommodations, taxes and luggage handling.  Five full breakfasts, one light dinner, one happy hour, four complete dinners with taxes and gratuities, ice cream social.
Tour guide with the group from Monday until Thursday evening.  Your tour director André. Shuttle from hotel to Cincinnati Airport.  (N.B. Arrangement for Air can be made by our office.)                                                                                               Call us 503-508-0361.)


Admissions and entertainment: Creation Museum, Two hour PRIVATE dinner cruise with live entertainment, ARK encounter, Talk to the Animals show, Tour of Beau Verre with morning treats, National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Historic Golden Lamb, City Tour, Grab Bag Tour at Findlay Market, Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption –guided tour, Fabulous Furs, entertainment at the Hofbrauhaus.  Gratuity for the tour is not included.

The Fine Print: This tour is operated by Tours By André.  A 20 person minimum is required for the tour to be escorted. Tour payments are non-refundable unless the 20 person minimum is not reached and the trip is cancelled.  Tours By André is not liable for damage, delay or inconvenience which may occur through acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in providing services, provisions, accomodations, transportations or facilities in connection with this tour, nor are we liable for any damage, loss or other acts of God connected with the tour. 

A $200.00 deposit is required at the time of booking. Final payment 30 days before departure.








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The Cration Museum

Experience History in a Completely Unprecedented Way. 

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