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What's New in 2020

Services and value.  We make every effort in always providing our customers with the best value and quality services on all our tours. The real travel experience, starts and ends with the people part of a travel group. You will discover all the difference, on a guided, all inclusive and friendly tour, with Tours By André. 

Let me be your Tour Director

Dear Travelers,

I am so excited to share with you numerous years of successful results-driven leadership in marketing and sales in the tourism industry.  I can share with you, the expertize of all these travel partners in the travel industry, and offer you so many new amazing destinations around the world.

As a tour operator in Oregon, I have taken many groups from 1998 to many grandiose destinations in the USA and Canada.  We have done many cruises and many wonderful motorcoach tours and fantastic train excursions.  On all the tours we did, on each one, we had great revues and many new customers.


Traveling has always been a passion for me and to share this passion with you, is the greatest satisfaction of my life.  I can with ease say that the best 6 years of my life were when I travel with groups as a Tour Operator and escorted those tours in the United States, Canada and abroad. Promoting new and establish destinations is part of my repertoire and I am always anxious to share new experiences that I acquire during that process.


The pleasure to meet new people at the beginning of a tour and during that tour to become friends, to see perfect stranger sometime gathered together and slowly as the journey of a tour went along to become acquainted, part of a large family, as been for me a driving motivation.  My years of experience as a Tour Operator has been a blessing to me.  Not only to travel, but to share with travelers unique destinations, discover beauties and wonder that they had to offer.  Every time that I came back from leading a tour, the energy given by the group just gives me more energy to go back on a other tour.


I am looking forward to share my excitement with you on any of the propose destinations, or any destination that you would like us to add, so we can build together memorable souvenirs to share with family and friends.




André LeBlanc
President / Tour Director

We Have Been There !  Have You ?

   River Cruise

  The San Juan

   M. Riviera

  Jet Boat Tour

       The Ark


   Painted Hills

     San Diego

    Shore Acres

  Alaska Cruise

   New Orleans

   San Antonio



     Crater Lake

  Panama Canal

Let us know which tour you are interested in, and we will forward you all the information.

You have a groupe of a minimum of 20 and more ? We will work, and escort you groupe where ever your destination is.

Experience - Reliability - Expertise.

Our solid experience, in the tour business, and the long list of previous Tours run successful, recommend us, as a reliable travel organization. By choosing Tours By André, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and high availability throughout your travel. Feel confident that together we will built friendship and memories, of a life time. 

                             The Word Vacation

With Tours By André, the word VACATION means a lot.  It means that we are giving you our commitment to make your VACATION the best experience there is. From the beginning of booking your VACATION with us to the return home of your VACATION, we will be behind every steps of your VACATION.

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