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Dental Vacation Tijuana - Mexico

A new smile, a sunny vacation and saving money.

Dental Vacation.

It is with great pleasure that i am introducing to you, Dental Vacation, in California, and Tijuana Mexico, in addition to our travel destinations for 2017.

Dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico!

It is no more a secret that medical tourism has been on the rise over the last few decades. Prices in some countries are so high that they have forced patients to look for better options abroad.  Even if it sounds a bit risky in the beginning, once they complete their treatments, and see the results of a truly professional dental work in their own mouths, most end up wondering why they hadn´t done it before.


Tiyuana is a great destination for dental tourism, chosen by a number of patients every year, and it is so close to the San Diego in the USA.  A Dental Vacation is the total saving way to give you back a beautiful smile and a great vacation under the sun.  Dental tourists who travel to Tijuana received the same high-quality service they would expect from a top-notch dental clinic back in their country for a fraction of the price. 


Our top choice, Is a dental clinic in Tijuana, which provides top quality, cost effective and comprehensive dental care.  This clinic is established and situated in Tijuana, Mexico near the border with the US.  The staff at the clinic is highly professional, very polite and extremely skilled, with very high education in various fields of dentistry with more than 15 years of experienced work, always ready to commit to every problem in dental care. The dental office is equipped with latest state-of-art technology.  The staff at the Dent Art clinic takes care about hygiene, and fluently speak English and Spanish. The Dent Art clinic is focused on dental tourism which is even better for patients, coming from around the world, that can save up to 50 - 70 percent of the amount they would pay at home.

A Beautiful smile, a vacation under the sun, and saving money!

We have selected the best Clinic for you and the best accomodations during the time of your Dental Vaction.  For your convenience we are offering you two option of lodging during your treatment.       Save up to 50 - 70 percent.

Dental Vacation Tijuana - Mexico

A new smile, a sunny vacation and saving money.

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