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The Guadalupe valley, Baja California.

Mexico's Wine Skies is waiting for you.

Mexico’s wine skies

Just 27 miles from Ensenada, the landscape and the vegetation begin to change as soon as you take the detour to the Guadalupe Valley. You have reached the quintessential wine region in Mexico, where the clear blue skies contrast with the mountains, which surround, just like a fortress, a valley full of vineyards, where the vine is impregnated with the light sea breeze that is able to get through the wall.

This is definitely the best place for you to start your tour which will include the Vine and Wine Museum, where, in addition to having a prevailing view of the Guadalupe Valley, you will be able to learn about the history of wine in the state of Baja California, from the arrival of the missionaries to the types of crops and the variety of grapes.

Toast with the best wine in Ensenada.

Ensenada is one of the oldest municipalities in Baja California, and the largest in the world by land area; its vast rural area stands out because of the quality of its products, many of which are being exported. The largest production of wine in the country leaves from its port. With an average temperature of 62ºF all year long, Ensenada offers its visitors a region blessed by nature because, in addition to the beauty of its landscapes, it has great hotel services and restaurants, and its cuisine and wines are of an excellent quality.

Discover the magic of Rosarito, Ensenada.

At just 19 miles from the border with the United States lies the city of Rosarito. Located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the State of Baja California, it is a meeting point for Californian culture, where you will be able to spend relaxed days in a spa or in the center of the city, which can become as vibrant as during carnival time.

Baja Med: The Ensenada Cuisine,  Ensenada.

The state of Baja California is famous for the new Baja Med gastronomic concept, the result of a blend of influences between the Mexican, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisines. This concept has been driven by local chefs, who today are recognized all over the world. If you are interested in learning this culinary concept, you must visit Mision 19, owned by Chef Javier Plascencia, and enjoy some tostaditas de minilla with blue-fin tuna, with curdled sauces, a tiradito of beef tongue, or sealed wild tuna.

La Bufadora, a natural legend, Ensenada.

In the peninsula of Punta Banda, 21 miles south from the city of Ensenada, lies one of the region’s most impressive natural attractions: La Bufadora, one of the largest marine geysers in the world. This geyser is caused by the breaking of waves against a cave that is at the bottom of the cliff, reaching a height of up to 65 feet.

Ensenada, the birthplace of surfing.

Because of its good waves and calm beaches, Ensenada has become an attractive city for surfers from all over the world, who have given it the name of “the birthplace of surfing in Mexico” because it has an extensive coastline towards the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for adventure and taking your first steps on a surfboard, the best months to visit the beaches of Baja California are the winter months.

Ensenada, home to the gray whale.

During winter and spring, the state of Baja California opens its oceans to receive the gray whale, on their way to give birth to their calves. Enjoy the sightings of theses giants of the sea, who for thousands of years have been faithful visitors to the peninsula. Take a guided tour on board one of the boats sailing from the port of Ensenada.

Tijuana, a dynamic city, Ensenada.

Some people call Tijuana “The city without borders”, because, in spite of the fact that this city in northern Mexico is surrounded by a wall dividing the Mexican territory from the United States, Tijuana has no limits in the creativity of its inhabitants, who have deployed cultural and gastronomic ideas all over the city, which differentiate this capital of Baja California. Revolucion Avenue is the most emblematic street in the city. Enjoy a brief stroll and experience its folklore.

Alchemy in the Valle de Guadalupe,  Ensenada.

Delve into this wine experience in Baja California, northern Mexico. There’s no better place to start your wine tour than in the city of Rosarito, where you’ll make your first acquaintance with the fantastic pairings offered between the state’s cuisine and some of its wines. Try a “Puerto Nuevo” style lobster, served with refried beans, flour tortillas and salsas marinated in rosé or white wine.

For fans of seafood and shellfish, Ensenada is home to one of Mexico's biggest fishing fleets, so this picturesque port town on the Pacific coast doesn't disappoint when it comes to offering some of the freshest seafood in Mexico. And while seafood is certainly the focus of Ensenada's culinary scene, carnivores won't be disappointed, as the surrounding fincas deliver some of Mexico's finest grass-fed meats.

The Guadalupe valley, Baja California.

Mexico's Wine Skies is waiting for you.

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