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The Experience

Excitement, probably the best word to describe our road course. However, in a classification ranking, the road course layout combinations would definitely be rated extra difficult and demanding both on the driver and the car. Combine 19 corners and over 91 metres of elevation changes per lap with a constant change of corner banking and it’ll surely give our members and our guest drivers enough challenges to master while also creating memories to last a lifetime.

It features a lively topography with a maximum incline of 11.5% and downhill slopes of up to 12%. Many of the elevation changes take place just before, after or while in a corner, giving the track unique characteristics with many intricate combinations. You will not find another track design like this in the world. Every corner is unique and is designed to be ahead of the curve. This Road course will take its place among the best of the modern track designs in the world because of its character and challenges. An average lap time of 90 seconds has been established for a proficient driver in a car similar to a BMW M3 or Mercedes-Benz SLS.

The club can operate up to 5 different configurations depending on the event of the day and the skills of the drivers booked that day. All parts of the course are designed and built to FIA standards including the paved track, run off areas, impact barriers, pit lane entry and exit merge lane. A state-of-the-art computerized camera system monitoring every part of the track, combined with a digital flag system to alert or stop drivers in case of a incident or accident is also part of our operations. This track is about excitement and fun; and we have designed a venue with the safety of the drivers and track cars in mind.


To offer each guest the ultimate convenience and excitement on the track, we reviewed the operations of similar facilities all over the world. Our Circuit is the ultimate test track to develop skills and car control. Every member at our driving facility will have the opportunity to hone their skills with each drive or simply take a coaching session with our team of instructors. When we assembled the team at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we had very precise goals for their abilities. We are proud to present the following individuals, hired with one goal in mind: to serve you and to make your time at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit special and filled with excitement and passion for driving.
Meet each member of our team here.


Vancouver Island is a wonderful place for a variety of people who appreciate the mild climate, beautiful scenery and diverse culture. With the countless number of amazing roads to drive on and the vast array of activities to take advantage of all year around, Vancouver Island is home to many sports car owners who can appreciate both their beauty and their performance.

The idea for the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit originated from a dealer meeting in 2014 of which was held at the Las Vegas Raceway. Their facility was one we knew we wanted to model. After extensive consideration, we recognized that by combining a world-class facility such as theirs with the weather and beauty of Vancouver Island, we had an incredible opportunity to provide a track facility like no other in North America.

The Lodging

Escape to the sky

Inspired by Tuscany, the Villa Eyrie Resort is carved into the mountainside of Vancouver Island’s

Escape to the sky
Our Mountainside Resort

Inspired by Tuscany, the Villa Eyrie Resort is carved into the mountainside of Vancouver Island’s Malahat Summit. Known for its elevated setting and soaring views of our wild West Coast, our resort overlooks the Saanich Inlet with eagles overhead and sea underfoot.

Offering luxury accommodations and service in the skies, we are here to elevate your escape. Experience Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit’s world-class, adrenaline-pumping tracks, tee off at our links or taste-test the island’s grapes. Whatever your pleasure, we’re here to please.


Island owned with local roots
Our Beginnings

Vancouver Island’s premier automotive dealer group, GAIN represents brands that need no introduction, from MINI and Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz to Porsche. Extending their expertise, GAIN broke new ground with the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, a world-class motorsport playground.

In an effort to accommodate the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit’s international members, as well as welcome non-members to experience the tracks, GAIN Dealer Group invested in its first venture outside the automotive realm: the Aerie Resort.

With $2 million invested in its renovation, the new Villa Eyrie Resort honours the eminence of the original retreat with refurbished interiors and elevated service. From West Coast contemporary rooms to our one-touch concierge, we’re taking your Vancouver Island escape to new heights.

The Itinerary

Coming soon the final touch and the itinerary for this one of a lifetime unique experience

Calendar Spring 2017.

May 21rd to 25th 


5 Days 4 Nights














Depart from Salem  All meet at Rudy's before leaving for Victoria for breakfast.

Lunch stop en route pass Seattle.   Ferry to Victoria, dinner on the Ferry. Drive Victoria to Hotel.  Dinner on the Ferry.


Day on the track

Driving personal vehicle, price reduced to $995.00 for the day.


Day to Discover Victoria.  All drive to Victoria. Park, walk with a guide, whales excursions, ( More to come )


Day on your own to relax or we could hit the road all together.


Return home after breakfast same route by ferry. Drive to Salem.

This itinerary can be modified at any time upon special requests from Porsche members

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