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             Andre  LeBlanc

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Low Prices and Amazing Values

Dear travelers and friends,

We are offering  you Low Prices and Great Value on many Destinations for 2021. And much more. We have partnered with Diamond Tours, America's leader in the Motorcoach Group Travel Industry. Since 1987,   They are the largest bus tour company in America dealing exclusively in motorcoach group travel.


But this is not all, look at everything we are offering you on our welcome page.  We can customize any tours that you have in mind, even if you dont see it on our web site.

Bon Voyage!

Traveling in smaller group tours!

One of the advantage for small group tours in terms of flexibility means that more time will be spent enjoying the places that matter. Less time will be spent getting on and off the motorcoach and less time checking into the accomodations. Smaller groups can maneuver around sites and museums much easier than large groups.  But the most important, smaller group will assure more safety for your healt and travel.   Also one of the advantages of small group travel is that it’s more personal and allows you to connect with others on the tour without feeling like you’re just another face in the crowd. Not only will you have a more personal relationship with your tour guide, who should be able to cater more towards you, you’ll also get to know your travel companions better and hopefully create deeper connections than you would with more people.

Take A Look At Our Amazing  2021          Motorcoach Destination

If you have a group of 4 or more, our group travel program is for you.  We take care all the accounting and payments, send confirmation notices and invoices to your group members, and put together travel kits complete with all the travel documentation needed for your trip. 

Discover by Motorcoach Oregon's 7 Regions in 2021

7 Regions

Oregon is a big place.  It stretches 400 miles across and is over 360 miles long.

You could squeeze a whole bunch of smaller states inside it.  So, to make our great state easier to navigate, it has been divided  into seven regions. You may want to visit a few or even all of them. In fact we’d recommend doing so. But we’ve also found dividing the state up this way makes figuring out what makes each part of the state special easier.

Start discovering with us these  7 Regions and let us know by which one you would like to start, so we can create for you the perfect itinerary in the best comfort there is in luxury transportation. Where would you like to go?

Luxury Equipment at it's finest.

If you are looking for a more luxurious transportation solution that fits in your budget look no further, Nortwest Navigator is Oregon's leader in providing the luxury services and equipment you want.

So Easy To Travel, When You Travel as a Group.

You Can Count On Us!

You are a group leader, a senior center, a social group, a church group. You are a corporation or institution ?  You have a destination in mind! Allow me to be your private tour director.  Lets get together and work to make possible, at a very low cost, this special itinerary that you are looking for.  

We will provide your group leaders with all the needed information regarding you group members, such as a rooming lists, for reference while on the trip.  Tours By Andre’ will provide all you need to convince your friends to go on a fabulous vacation, we will take care of the organizing.  The perfect itinerary, key in hand.  READ MORE

Traveling Post-Pandemic: How to Get the Most From Your Trip Budget 

With all the pandemic upheaval, some may tout the idea that travel should be avoided for the foreseeable future.  But it might be now  the best time to start planning for future trips. Why? You can save a lot of money.



The True Value of Travel Insurance

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